DRL Signature Light - "Orange triple led goes off while using indicator".

The triple LED goes off when using indicator.

DRL Signature Light - "Orange triple led goes off while using indicator".

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Replaces the original white DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHTS (DRL) or Signature Light (SL) of the Saab 93NG production year 2007-2012 with 2 new brighter leds, changes the DRL / SL to an orange indicator/blinker light and add 3 orange round leds in the empty holes on the side of the light. These orange leds switches off while using the indicator.

  • Normally the DRL / SL is white and when the indicator comes on, the color changes to orange.
  • The white light stays off during the time the indicator is on.
  • When the indicator goes out, the white led will light up again after approximately 1 second.
  • The orange tripple leds switches off when using the indicator/blinker.
The brightness of these leds is approximately 2-3x more than the original leds.

Technical information.
Two resistors are supplied with these units.

Why do we supply a resistor? To prevent "canbus error" messages on your display.

  1. If the original indicators are also active (no changes have been made), it is not needed to install the resistors.
  2. If the original indicators are switched off or the bulb is removed, the resistor has to be installed.
  3. If you want to change the original bulb for a led, the resistor also has to be installed.

If you want to order two led bulbs to replace the original halogeen bulbs, tell us when you make your order.
The price of two extra leds is € 25,00

YouTube installation video

The instructional video is a general explanation. The implementation of the indicator does not apply here.

The total time to replace these units is approximately 4 hours. Special tools are required to modify and install the electronic units.

* Dremel (cutting machine)
* Hotmelt pistol
* Soldering iron

These tools are not provided or included.

We provide a 2-year warranty on our products from the date of purchase